Private Loan Programs

Private loan programs are available for students in need of help to bridge the gap between school costs and all other funding options. Please make sure you have exhausted your federal student aid funds first, as this is typically the best option for most students.

Private loans are a way to access additional funding through sources such as banks and credit unions. Each lender will have slightly different benefits and eligibility criteria. Indiana Tech certifies private loans from any lender following the U.S. Department of Education’s guidelines.

While we certify private loans through any lender, we have compiled a list of the most accessed loans through a third party resource called ELM Select. Lenders listed on ELM Select offer competitive rates and multiple repayment options, however, these private loans may also require you to obtain a co-signer.

In addition to this, the INvestEd Marketplace allows you to compare multiple lenders and see the actual rates that they will offer you upfront. Although the lenders listed are more limited in size, knowing what rates you actually qualify for gives you a great benchmark when searching out the best private loan for you.